Re-Branding Worship

Re-Branding Worship


Book by Wayne Huirua

As worship music exploded into a big industry, have we become distracted from what worship really is?

Do you ever find yourself at worship in church — only to realise that your heart stayed at home? Do those that lead you in worship seem disconnected from each other — and even God?

You’re not the only one.

Wayne Huirua wrestled with the meaning of worship and set out to find answers. What God revealed through the Bible took him by surprise. Worship, he found, is simply our way back to oneness with an absurdly incredibly, out-of-this-world-ly, loving God

This book will guide your revelation about the role of worship in your own life: Are you living out your own agenda, or living out God’s? Are you a true worshipper? And most important, are you seeking oneness with your loving God?

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